Context dependent memory

2015-7-21  context-dependent memory smith and vela (2001) concluded that: incidental context effects are reduced if the participant focuses inward,. 2008-4-8  peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing basic neuroscience research in the areas of neuronal plasticity, learning and memory. 2017-12-19  context-dependent memory in a meaningful environment for medical education: in the classroom and at the bedside. 2018-6-11  a context-dependent memory is a memory that may be easier to retrieve if a person is in the same place during both memory encoding (or storage) and recall this means that if a piece of information is stored in the brain under specific conditions, such as a classroom, it is easier to remember if it.

2003-7-16  9-dec-99: context-dependent memory angela wright and jennifer matthews. Context and state-dependent memory are concerned with: • the state of the person (eg under the influence of alcohol) • the place in which the memory was initially encoded for the retrieval of information. 爱词霸权威在线词典,为您提供context-dependent的中文意思,context-dependent的用法讲解,context-dependent的读音,context-dependent的同义词,context-dependent的反义词. 2018-6-14  insofar as facial recognition, context-dependent memory in two natural environments: on land and underwater british journal of psychology, 66, 325-331.

2011-1-30  references short-term memory context-dependent memory in two context dependent grant, hm et al (1998) context-dependent memory of. 2008-7-10  この事例に現れたような物忘れ現象は、文脈依存記憶 (context-dependent memory)を反映していると考えられている。 エピソード記憶 この事例に関与している. 2012-8-4  context dependence (such as it is) kent bach all sorts of things are context-dependent in one way or another what it is appropriate to wear, to give,. 2018-5-17  context effects in memory through the lens of the keywords: outshining, context-dependent memory, recall, context effect, word concreteness, retrieval cues. 2013-7-26  optogenetic stimulation of these cells is sufficient to activate behavioral recall of a context-dependent fear memory formed by a delivery of foot shocks.

2010-5-26  disrupting the memory of places induced by drugs of abuse weakens motivational withdrawal in a context-dependent manner. 2001-12-1  two experiments examined the effect of differing levels of emotional arousal on learning and memory for words in matching and mismatching contexts in experiment 1, experienced skydivers learned words either in the air or on the ground and recalled them in the same context or in the other context. Context-dependent explanations for forgetting covering the aqa gcse psychology specification unit 1 memory.

2010-8-5  memory & cognition 1982, vol 10 (1), 82-93 context-independent and context-dependent information in concepts lawrence w barsalou stanford university, stanford, california 94305. 2011-11-16  brief communication chewing gum can produce context-dependent effects upon memory jess r baker, jessica b bezance, ella zellaby, john p aggleton. 2011-11-16  context-dependent memory effects attributable to chewing gum both studies differed from that reported by baker et al (2004) in two important respects.

2006-3-10  these data are consistent with a simple model of hippocampal contributions to context-dependent recall of extinction memory. Context-dependent memory is that we remember information better when we attempt to recall it in the context in which we learned it if we study with the tv or stereo on, we also take the test within the context of the tv or stereo. 2004-9-20  context studies in cognitive psychology 71 cognitive science and ai reinstatement of the context, then memory is said to be context dependent. 1981-1-8  context-independent and context-dependent information in concepts context-dependent properties are not activated by the ,organization and memory.

Discover how to improve your memory using the context effect™ - a simple (but surprising) 2 minute memory trick to help you boost recall. 2017-10-20  context-dependent memory (cdm) refers to a change in context or environmen t that causes some of the material learned in the original context. 2018-3-20  observation long lasting attentional-context dependent visuomotor memory hee yeon im, patrick bédard, and joo-hyun song brown university using a dual-task paradigm, we recently reported that. 2018-6-12  the study of the effects of environmental context for animal learning and human memory has a long history with mixed results this research is reviewed to deter.

context dependent memory 2008-10-13  memory is facilitated when the retrieval context resembles the learning context the brain structures underlying contextual influences on memory are susceptible to stress whether stress interferes with context-dependent memory is still unknown we exposed healthy adults to stress or a control. Download
Context dependent memory
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